Scratch card is an instant win game that you can play without having special skills. It's a game that is featured by online gambling sites as well as physical casinos. This article is written to shed light on how the game is played and give you tips to help better your gaming experience. Visit 1-onlinecasino for top casinos.

Scratch Card - How to Play

Scratch card is among the simplest games you can play at a casino. It involves scratching the surface of a card in order to reveal a prize. In the physical version of the game, you will be scratching an actual card that is usually a 3x3 matrix with several icons that corresponds to the prizes to be won.

  1. A scratch card can be 3x3 matrix or more
  2. The goal of the game os to scratch the card and reveal winnings

The online version of the game also follows the same dynamics. However, instead of using your fingers to scratch the cards, you will simply scratch the card online by using your mouse. An online scratch card game is equally entertaining to play and it even comes with several prizes that you can win.

Variations of Scratch Cards

Just as most casino games, there are several variations of scratch cards such as the 3D scratch card and the classic scratch card. What differentiates scratch cards majorly is the theme of the game. They can come with an arcade theme, fruit theme, racing theme and so on. The theme can be noticed based on the card's design.

Regardless of the variation of scratch cards, the way and manner they are played is practically the same thing. You don't need anything special to play any variation of scratch cards. Just scratch the surface of the card that was concealed and reveal what you won. We'll explain winnings in scratch cards in the next section.

Winnings in Scratch Card

Before you can win anything in a scratch card game, you need to match icons on the same line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. One of the things that makes the online version of the game a good choice for players is that you can check the rules that apply, so you can know how to win.

In the physical version of scratch cards, once you win by matching icons on a line, you need to show the card to the cashier of the casino so as to collect your winnings. Winnings depend on the type of icon that you match as well as the variation of the game itself.

Play Free Scratch Cards

If you are interested in learning how to play scratch cards, one of the suggested ways to go about it is to play the free version of the game. With the free version of scratch cards, you can test the gameplay and practice for a long duration without the risk of losing money.

  • Free scratch cards can be used to learn how to play the game
  • You cannot win real money in a free scratch card game

With free scratch cards, you can also test strategies in the game. As you may already know applying strategies in a casino game can help boost your chances of winning. Free scratch cards will also give you the opportunity to create new strategies and perfect them. However, you cannot win real money when you play for free.

Play Scratch Cards at the Best Casino Site

We've explained how you can start playing scratch card and the basic rules of the game. If you want to enjoy the best experience playing scratch cards, you need to choose a good online casino. Make sure that the casino site is licensed and that it has built a solid reputation for itself in the gaming industry.

Next, take a look at the different variations of scratch cards available as well as the bonuses you can claim while playing the game. In addition, consider the payment methods supported by the casino, the customer support provided, the security of the casino as well as how responsive the casino is on mobile.